Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SizeGenetics plus MaleExtra – Boost Your Gains

A bigger penis is like a larger salary; almost everyone wants one. However, unlike a larger salary, almost any man can get a bigger penis.

There is no denying the attraction of a big penis that is able to sustain well through sex. Men who suffer from a small penis, usually, also suffer from low self confidence. While there are several products in the market that claim to help in increasing the penis size, most of them are hoaxes that come with serious side effects.

One method that works wonders here is simple, clinically proven and medically approved, namely SizeGenetics – it’s a penis extender or so called traction device.

The traction device offered by SizeGenetics is indeed a highly effective when it comes to increasing the size of the penis. The contraption works not only to increase the penis length but also its girth. In fact the traction provided by the device also strengthens the penis muscles, which in turn results in better penis health. SizeGenetics also offers several penis exercises that help a person in enhancing the health of the penis, along with its size.

The mechanism of SizeGenetics is unique, comfortable and extremely effective. You can increase your penis size by up to 30% and that too without exposing your body to any risk. Users who have used the SizeGenetics device for even a few months know for a fact that the product is extremely effective.

But what if you don't want to wait that long for the results to show? What if you are looking for faster results? Is there some way to speed up the beneficial effects of SizeGenetics?

Yes there is. Combining the use of SizeGenetics with the MaleExtra pill has been known to speed up the results by 58%.

So what exactly is this MaleExtra?

MaleExtra is a penis enhancement pill that is known to help in achieving a stronger erection that lasts longer too. Continued consumption of the pill has been known to help increase the penis faster especially when used with device and exercises – they call it synergy or a compound effect!

Rated as the ‘number one penis enhancement pill of the year’, MaleExtra has impressed several critics by its performance. The pill is said to increase both length and girth of the penis as well as help men achieve a harder and longer lasting erection when used with exercise program or device. Males who used these pills claim that it helps ‘supercharge’ their sex lives phenomenally.

Considered the natural Viagra, this pill is full of the good qualities of pomegranate. The pill is completely natural and therefore, absolutely risk free. Unlike Viagra, MaleExtra does not come with any side effects. It comes as no surprise then that men looking for instant results in achieving an erection usually turn to MaleExtra. 

Combining MaleExtra with SizeGenetics helps in significantly speeding up the enlargement process. While the SizeGenetics device is worn over the penis and helps in adding inches using the traction method, the MaleExtra pill works from within the body to help add inches. Also thanks to MaleExtra and combining with exercises included in the SizeGenetics system you can reduce time you need to wear device and speed up your gains and performance by 58%!

So, if you would like to show off a bigger penis to the ladies and would really like to speed up the process, work with the SizeGenetics device, exercises and the MaleExtra pills.


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